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Chief Charles Bluejacket Memorial Fountain

Bluejacket 001

Location:  Herman Laird Park, Johnson Drive and Cody Street, Shawnee, KS

Found:  May 25, 2014

On the northeast corner of the intersection of Johnson Drive and Cody Street on the southwest corner of Herman Laird Park sits the Chief Charles Bluejacket Memorial Fountain.  It is kind of hidden from the streets due to the shrubbery and trees planted around the fountain.

The centerpiece of the fountain is the sculpture Taking Time which is a tribute to Chief Charles Bluejacket, who is an important figure in the history of Shawnee, Kansas.  The plaque that goes with the sculpture says a little bit about him.

Around the fountain are various plaques and bricks that look to have been purchased by various people and organizations to memorialize family and friends.

The fountain itself is fairly simple.  The water comes up in the pool behind the sculpture and cascades down into the lower pool.

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