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Bernard Powell Memorial Fountain

Bernard Powell 010

Location:  Spring Valley Park, E 28th Street and Brooklyn Avenue, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 5, 2016

The Bernard Powell Memorial Fountain is located on the east side of Spring Valley Park at the intersection of E 28th Street and Brooklyn Avenue.  The fountain is a hexagonal “pyramid” topped with a statue of Bernard Powell.  Water bubbles up at the base of the statue and runs down all six sides into a basin below.

There are five plaques surrounding the fountain.  Two tell about Bernard Powell while the other three list all the contributors to the memorial.  There is also a plaque on the sidewalk behind the fountain signifying that a time capsule has been buried there.

The memorial is across the street from his childhood home at 2801 Brooklyn Avenue.

Bernard Powell was a Kansas City native.  He was a civil rights activist.  He also co-founded the Social Action Committee of 20 aimed at teaching leadership and job skills to African-American youth.  He was also a proponent of neighborhood beautification with the theme of “Ghetto or Goldmine – The Choice is Yours.”  Sadly, he was fatally shot at the age of 32 at the East Side Social Club in Kansas City.   Please Google Bernard Powell and learn more about his life as I am probably not doing him justice with just this paragraph.

Also, I apologize for the pictures.  A dark-coloured statue in a shaded area is not a good combination, further complicated by the afternoon sun shining behind the fountain.  I tried with the flash on and off and got only slightly better results with the flash on.  Maybe mid to late morning is the best time to take pictures here.

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