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A Map of the Fountains

This map shows the location of each fountain that can be found on this blog.  It will be updated when I find and add fountains to the blog.  If you click on a marker, it will tell you what fountain it represents and will give you the link to its page.

Clicking on the “View Larger Map” link will give you the full-size map and also a list of the fountains along the left side.

Based on some questions I have received via e-mail, I just want to make clear that all the fountains on this blog are spread out over the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.  They are not all in one area, nor is there a “Fountain District” in Kansas City.  While there are areas, like Downtown KC or Country Club Plaza, where there are “clusters” of fountains, some fountains are far apart from one another.

For instance, if you would like to see the Erickson Water Garden and The Elms Fountains in the same day, know that, according to Google Maps, the trip will take you 55 miles and 1 hour to make.