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Me and the Fountains

Occasionally, I will receive an e-mail or a message asking me about arranging weddings/events at a fountain and other questions related to that.

I just wanted to make a post to let everyone know that I have no connection to any of the fountains on this blog.  If you want to arrange to have a wedding or photo session or some other event at a specific fountain, you will need to contact the owner of that fountain.

If the fountain is on public land, such as a park, then you will need to contact the city offices of the city the park is located.  I would start with the Parks & Recreation department of the city first.  Sometimes, the city’s website will spell out its policies regarding its parks.

If the fountain is on private properly, such as the fountains in Country Club Plaza (yes, the Plaza is privately owned), then you will need to contact the owner of the property.

If you have questions about ownership of a fountain, feel free to ask and I will do my best to point you in the right direction.  The City of Fountains Foundation website ( lists ownership of the fountains and sculptures and could be a quicker and easier reference than e-mailing me.

Hope this helps.

Returning to the blog!

It’s been a while since I last posted anything here.  So, why the long wait?

The main reason is the City of Fountains Foundation website.  Last spring, myself and fellow volunteer, Alexis, offered up our time and services to create a new website for the Foundation.  The old website was bordering on obsolete and it had become the target of hackers.  It was time for something new and we started from scratch.

On December 2, 2016, after running into a few snags, we finally got the new website published to the Foundation’s domain.  We were excited to do the work and update the website and it was a good day to actually be able to see the website live.

New features for the new website include:

  • Multiple, and in most cases new, pictures for each fountain and art piece
  • Videos of select fountains
  • A search function
  • We updated information for fountains and sculptures and filled in gaps when possible

We are very proud of the new website and I encourage everyone to check it out at

Over the last few months, I have also created a backlog of fountains for my blog and I will get to posting them soon.

Thanks for your interest!

Belvoir Winery Fountain

Belvoir 006

Location:  Belvoir Winery, 1325 Odd Fellows Road, Liberty, MO

Found:  September 3, 2016

The Belvoir Winery is located on the site of the Odd Fellows Home outside of Liberty.  The history of the International Order of Odd Fellows and the site is long and extensive and I cannot do it justice.  However, the Belvoir Winery website has a section about it that is much more detailed and interesting that I could ever make it.

The Belvoir Winery operates as a winery, obviously, and as an historic event venue.  It is a popular spot for weddings as well as other family and corporate events.  It also hosts regular paranormal investigations open to the public.

The fountain is located at the west end of the grounds down by where the driveway splits.  Water comes out the top and descends down five saucers, each one larger than the one above it.  After the fifth saucer, it falls down past the stem of the fountain, which looks to have swans around it, into yet another saucer before cascading down into the basin below.

In regards to the fountain, weddings are very important in that the only days the fountain runs are wedding days.  Check the website calendar to see when weddings are occurring before travelling out there to photograph the fountain.  Also, be aware and respectful of the wedding setup should it be near the fountain.  On this day, the wedding setup was around the gazebo off to the side of the fountain so I wasn’t able to get pictures of the fountain from and through the gazebo.  Also, get out there no later than early afternoon, so you don’t interfere with wedding photos.

Belvoir 001 Belvoir 002 Belvoir 003 Belvoir 004 Belvoir 005 Belvoir 007 Belvoir 009 Belvoir 010 Belvoir 011 Belvoir 012 Belvoir 013 Belvoir 014 Belvoir 015 Belvoir 016


Corinth Square Fountain

Corinth Square 006

Location:  Corinth Square, W 83rd Street and Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS

Found:  July 17, 2016

In the Corinth Square shopping area in Prairie Village sits this fountain.  It is outside of SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza at the northeast corner of the main central building.  It is a two-tiered fountain with a bubbler in each tier.  There is a curved pergola standing over the path around the east and north sides of the fountain.

Corinth Square 001 Corinth Square 002 Corinth Square 003 Corinth Square 004 Corinth Square 005


Central Park Waterfall

Central Park 001

Location:  Central Park, NE 70th Street and N Holmes Street, Gladstone, MO

Found:  July 23, 2016

Across the street from the Gladstone City Hall is Central Park.  At the entrance to Central Park and the Gladstone Community Center is this waterfall.  The top and bottom of the waterfall are both landscaped with plants, stones and rock.

Central Park 002 Central Park 003 Central Park 004 Central Park 005 Central Park 006


Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek Falls 009

Location:  Lake Olathe, W Dennis Ave (or W 143th Street) and S Wardcliff Drive, Olathe, KS

Found:  July 10, 2016

This natural waterfall is located on the south side of Dennis Avenue (or 143rd Street, whichever you prefer, but the street signs say Dennis in this area) where Cedar Creek empties into Lake Olathe at the south end of the lake.  The Dennis Avenue bridge crosses over the south end of the lake and you can see the falls as you drive by.  The falls were running pretty good this day as I’m sure all the recent rains are keeping the creeks flowing.

It is a popular fishing area in that the pool where Cedar Creek empties into is easily accessible.  There are large rocks down to the lake’s edge on the east side.  As you can see in a couple of pictures, there was a man and his two kids fishing the day I took the photos.  Do be careful though, it is uneven terrain.

There is a small turnout on the southeast end of the bridge, but if someone is already there fishing that spot may be taken and it’s big enough for maybe two vehicles, depending on how they parked.  There is a driveway to nowhere a little west of bridge on the south side, but there was someone parked there the day I was there.  If you go a little further west of the bridge, on the north side there is what looks to be a camping area, that may or may not be used anymore as there were no signs anywhere, that you can pull into.  It is maybe a quarter-mile away, if that far, and you will have to cross the road to get to the waterfall.

Cedar Creek Falls 001 Cedar Creek Falls 002 Cedar Creek Falls 003 Cedar Creek Falls 004 Cedar Creek Falls 005 Cedar Creek Falls 006 Cedar Creek Falls 007 Cedar Creek Falls 008


City of Olathe Fountain – 135th Street

Olathe 135 001

Location:  W 135th Street, just west of S Pflumm Road, Olathe, KS

Found:  July 10, 2016

This fountain is at the eastern city limits of Olathe in the median of 135th Street, just west of Pflumm Road.  It is a large combination waterfall/fountain/planter.  On Google Maps, I measure it at about 120 feet in total length.  Due to fences on the south side of the road and trees on the north side of the road, it is very difficult to get the entire length of the fountain in one shot.  I tried though.

The middle section is a double-sided waterfall.  The side facing east has a sign that says “City of Olathe” to greet traffic entering Olathe city limits.  Each side of the waterfall has its own pool.  The two waterfall sides are identical, except there is no sign on the west-facing side.  The sides facing the street have a design on it that, to me, resembles a fountain or, maybe, a sunrise.

The east part is the fountain part.  It is a long pool sectioned off into 10 separate, but joined, pools.  Every other pool has a small bubbler in it.

The west part is a large planter that is home to five good-sized trees and the trees are roughly spaced out to resemble the bubbler spacing on the east end.

There are businesses nearby on the north side of the street where you can park and walk to the fountain.  You will have to go west on 135th to get to the streets that give access to the fountain.  Be careful though.  135th Street can be fairly busy.

I mentioned 135th Street in the post title because there is also a City of Olathe fountain in the median of 119th Street east of Interstate 35 and I wanted to be sure to differentiate between the two.

Olathe 135 002 Olathe 135 003 Olathe 135 004 Olathe 135 005 Olathe 135 006 Olathe 135 007 Olathe 135 008 Olathe 135 009 Olathe 135 010 Olathe 135 011 Olathe 135 012 Olathe 135 013 Olathe 135 014 Olathe 135 015 Olathe 135 016

Roe Highlands Fountain

Roe Highlands 007

Location:  4970 Roe Avenue, Roeland Park, KS

Found:  June 24, 2016

Roe Highlands is an addition in Roeland Park that features both residential and commercial properties.  The commercial property is a shopping center that features a Lowe’s and Price Chopper among others.

This fountain sits next to the US Bank in the shopping center.  It has a square stone-covered basin with eight pillars of varying heights within it.  The pillars look like they are made of concrete.  There are eight to ten water jets at the bottom of the basin that shoot to the same height, although a couple of them weren’t working quite right the day I took the pictures.

There is a sidewalk running next to the property and a couple of benches on the north side of the fountain (opposite the bank) for sitting and watching the fountain and the world go by.

To get to this fountain, you will pass the Roe Highlands Entrance Fountains.

Roe Highlands 001 Roe Highlands 002 Roe Highlands 003 Roe Highlands 004 Roe Highlands 006 Roe Highlands 005 Roe Highlands 008 Roe Highlands 009 Roe Highlands 010

Roe Highlands Entrance Fountains

Roe Highlands Enter 001

Location:  Roe Avenue and Access Road, Roeland Park, KS

Found:  June 24, 2016

Roe Highlands is an addition in Roeland Park that features both residential and commercial properties.  The commercial property is a shopping center that features a Lowe’s and Price Chopper among others.

These twin fountains with differently-shaped basins flank the entrance to the shopping center.  The one of the south side is built into the hill at the base of the Cricket Wireless store.  The one on the north side is free standing and features a hexagonal basin.  Both fountains are stone-covered and fairly tall.  Eight feet maybe.  Each has three fountains at the top and then the water flows over the edge and falls down to the basin below.  The stones are rough and uneven and creates different effects and splash-patterns as the water falls over them.

There is another separate fountain, the Roe Highlands Fountain, sitting next to the US Bank in the shopping center.

Roe Highlands Enter 002 Roe Highlands Enter 003 Roe Highlands Enter 004 Roe Highlands Enter 005 Roe Highlands Enter 006 Roe Highlands Enter 007 Roe Highlands Enter 008 Roe Highlands Enter 009 Roe Highlands Enter 010 Roe Highlands Enter 011 Roe Highlands Enter 012 Roe Highlands Enter 013 Roe Highlands Enter 014 Roe Highlands Enter 015 Roe Highlands Enter 016

Ridgeview Falls

Ridgeview Falls 005

Location:  W 119th Street and Ridgeview Road, Olathe, KS

Found:  June 12, 2016

The Ridgeview Falls addition is a collection of businesses and restaurants at the corner of 119th and Ridgeview.  This waterfall looms above what would be an otherwise boring drainage basin.  There is a large pergola-like structure next to the CoreFirst Bank at the top of the waterfall and just off the parking lot.

If you decide to visit, note that the drainage basin has a fence almost all the way around it to keep people from falling off the top of the retaining wall.  It is open at the intersection though.  Also, since it is a drainage basin, it could be wet and muddy.  So, watch your step if you go walking out into it.

Ridgeview Falls 009 Ridgeview Falls 001 Ridgeview Falls 002 Ridgeview Falls 003 Ridgeview Falls 004 Ridgeview Falls 006 Ridgeview Falls 007 Ridgeview Falls 008