Corbin Park Corner Fountain

Corbin Park Corner 001

Location:  Corbin Park, 6917 W 135th Street, Overland Park, KS

Found:  May 10, 2016

This large fountain sits on the southeast corner of 135th and Metcalf to welcome everyone to the Corbin Park Shopping Village.  The Deer Creek Woods Waterfall is on the opposite corner of the intersection.  This fountain has just about every water feature you could ask for.  Traditional fountains at each end, bubblers at the top of the wall, waterfalls and stone-lined channels.

Water begins in each of the end fountains and at the top of the wall.  At the top of the wall, bubblers fill a pool which causes the water to fall through the notches in the wall.  At the ends, water comes out the top of each fountain and works it way down to the basins.  Once the water hits the basins it works it way down the channels and falls until it winds up in the lowest basin nearest to the street.  There is also sculptures of a family of deer in the middle of the whole thing.

I could not find any specific name for this or any of the water features in Corbin Park so the name is of my doing to differentiate the different features.  If/when I find a specific name for this, I will change the title of the post accordingly.

Corbin Park Corner 002 Corbin Park Corner 003 Corbin Park Corner 004 Corbin Park Corner 005 Corbin Park Corner 006 Corbin Park Corner 007 Corbin Park Corner 008 Corbin Park Corner 009 Corbin Park Corner 010 Corbin Park Corner 011 Corbin Park Corner 012 Corbin Park Corner 013 Corbin Park Corner 014 Corbin Park Corner 015 Corbin Park Corner 016 Corbin Park Corner 017 Corbin Park Corner 018


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