Grand River Chapel Fountain

Grand River Chapel 001

Location:  William Jewell College, 500 College Hill, Liberty, MO

Found:  May 7, 2016

The Grand River Chapel is east of the intersection of E Mississippi Street and N Jewell Street on the campus of William Jewell College.  The fountain sits in a small courtyard outside of the chapel.  Plenty of seating and lots of trees, plants and flowers around the courtyard and the paths leading up to it.

The fountain sits in the middle of a stone basin.  Water shoots out the top and works its way down each of the levels until it falls into the basin.

When visiting, keep in mind you are on a college campus and parking may be a little difficult.  If you go on a weekday, you will have to find a visitor’s parking spot.  If you go on a weekend, you will probably have an easier time as the faculty spots are freed up.  Also, Mississippi is a one-way street going west until it meets up with Jewell.  At the intersection, go north on Jewell and follow that road around until you get to the parking at the bottom of the hill from the chapel near the intersection.  The college bookstore and union are across the street to the south.

Grand River Chapel 002 Grand River Chapel 003 Grand River Chapel 004 Grand River Chapel 005 Grand River Chapel 006 Grand River Chapel 007 Grand River Chapel 008 Grand River Chapel 009 Grand River Chapel 010 Grand River Chapel 011


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