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Briarcliff City Apartments Fountain

Briarcliff Apartment 003

Location:  Briarcliff City Apartments, 3880 N Mulberry Drive, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 30, 2016

This fountain is in a traffic circle at the entrance to the Briarcliff City Apartments and is up the hill from the Briarcliff Hilltop Fountain.  A fairly basic fountain here.  Water bubbles out of the very top of the fountain and cascades down as it overflows each basin.  The traffic circle is well landscaped with shrubs and flowers.

Briarcliff Apartment 001 Briarcliff Apartment 002 Briarcliff Apartment 004 Briarcliff Apartment 005 Briarcliff Apartment 006 Briarcliff Apartment 007 Briarcliff Apartment 008

Power and Light District Fountain

PnL 001

Location:  Power and Light District, near W 14th Street and Main Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 30, 2016

AKA H & R Block Courtyard Fountain, AKA Elements Courtyard Fountain

This double fountain is located in the Elements Courtyard in the Power and Light District in downtown Kansas City.  It is also at the foot of the steps to the H & R Block building.  The Elements Courtyard is a seasonal patio bar next to the district clock tower.

The fountain is a double-sided fountain, each side is identical to the other.  Water flows out the top and cascades down into the pool.  On the ends, there is a stairstep-type structure whereas the middle is much steeper.  In the middle of each fountain is a bowl which looks like it can hold any number of things such as lights or any other type of decorations.

The fountain and the patio bar was recently renovated.  I went up there earlier this month to get pictures but they were roped off with a sign saying they were under renovation.  I took these pictures in the morning on Memorial Day, which accounts for the lack of activity.

It is very hard to get a picture of both fountains at the same time, unless you want to count reflections in the restaurant windows.  I climbed up the stairway under the clock tower to get the photos from above and from just the way the fountains are arranged it was still kind of tough to get both fountains in one photo.

PnL 002 PnL 003 PnL 004 PnL 005 PnL 006 PnL 007 PnL 008 PnL 009 PnL 010 PnL 011 PnL 012 PnL 013 PnL 014 PnL 015 PnL 016

AAFP Fountain

AAFP 001

Location:  American Academy of Family Physicians, 11400 Tomahawk Creek Parkway, Leawood, KS

Found:  May 22, 2016

This fountain is a traffic circle in front of the AAFP building on Tomahawk Creek Parkway.  There is a bubbler in the top basin.  Water flows out over textured scuppers around the edge of the top basin down into the lower basin.  There are two sets of four jets on the outside of the lower basin that shoot water back into the top basin.

There is a brick pathway around the fountain that comes out in front of the building entrance.  At the beginning of the brick path is a dedicatory plaque honoring the founding executive director of AAFP.  There is one bench next to the fountain but it sits very low to the ground.  Kids might not have a problem with but adults may have a problem sitting down on it and then getting back up.

AAFP 000 AAFP 002 AAFP 003 AAFP 004 AAFP 005 AAFP 006 AAFP 007 AAFP 008 AAFP 009 AAFP 010 AAFP 011 AAFP 012 AAFP 013 AAFP 014


Longview Mansion Fountain

Longview 001

Location:  Longview Mansion, 1200 SW Longview Park Drive, Lee’s Summit, MO

Found:  May 22, 2016

The Historic Longview Mansion sits on what was once the Longview Farm, which was the country estate of famous Kansas Citian R.A. Long.  The mansion is now used as an event facility and is home to weddings and corporate events, among other things.  To find out more about the history of the Longview Mansion and Farm, please visit the official website here.

The fountain sits out front of the mansion in the middle of a natural amphitheatre-type area.  There is a column in the middle of a round basin and each face of the column has a very ornate decoration with a waterspout.  A jet of water comes out of each face of the column, providing the fountain effect.  The landscaping is very well kept and meticulously shaped.  Wedding ceremonies are held in the fountain area.

If you want to photograph the Longview Mansion fountain or grounds, you need to obtain permission.  This is private property so they do not appreciate people roaming around the grounds without their knowledge, especially when they have an event they are setting up for or in progress.  Also, the fountain does not operate continuously, they only have it running for events.  They have signs at the front gate, which you can find pictures of below, warning you of these facts.  If you are interested in trying to arrange a time to take photographs, use the Longview Mansion website or the phone number listed on the sign at the front gate for contact.

My thanks to Jenny Gale, General Manager and Events Coordinator, for allowing me to visit and take photos.

Longview 000 Longview 002 Longview 003 Longview 004 Longview 005 Longview 006 Longview 007 Longview 008 Longview 009 Longview 010 Longview 011 Longview 012 Longview 013 Longview 014 Longview 015 Longview 016 Longview 017 Longview 018 Longview 019 Longview 020 Longview 021 Longview 022 Longview 023 Longview 024 Longview 025 Longview 026 Longview 027 Longview 028

Avila University Fountain

Avila 001

Location:  Avila University, 11901 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 15, 2016

This fountain is located on the campus of Avila University in the Jeanne Hamilton Olofson Plaza.  It flanks both sides of the steps leading up to Blasco Hall.  It is at the “front” of the campus and is easily seen from the parking lot there at the corner of Wornall and 118th Street.  The plaza is very open and “roomy” and I imagine that a number of university events occur here.

The two fountains are identical.  They both have four levels with three bubblers in each of the top three levels.  Water starts at the top level at the top of the stairs and flows down to the next level and so on until it reaches the final basin at the lowest level.  Each bubbler has a light next to it and there is a light in the bottom level.  The lights were on when I was out there and I saw most were tinted red and I also saw green and blue.  I imagine it looks pretty good at night.

Avila 000 Avila 002 Avila 003 Avila 004 Avila 005 Avila 006 Avila 007 Avila 008 Avila 009 Avila 010 Avila 011

Ranch Mart Wall Fountain

Ranchmart Wall 001

Location:  Ranch Mart Shopping Center, 3705 W 95th Street, Leawood, KS

Found:  May 12, 2016

This wall fountain can be found on the main Ranch Mart building between Ranchview Floral & Interior and CVS.  It is a highly-detailed lion’s head which would normally have water coming out of the mouth into the small basin beneath it which would then overflow into the basin on the ground.  However, this fountain was not running and it all looked dry so I do not know when it was last in operation or if it even operates at all.

Ranchmart Wall 002 Ranchmart Wall 003

Ranch Mart Fountain

Ranchmart 001

Location:  Ranch Mart Shopping Center, 3705 W 95th Street, Leawood, KS

Found:  May 12, 2016

The fountain for the Ranch Mart is on the southeast corner of the intersection of 95th Street and Mission Road.   The shopping center is behind the fountain and it includes, among other things, a True Value and a movie theatre.

There are four bubblers in the top of the fountain and the water flows down into the lower basin.  Lots of flowers and plants and, of course, the native utility marker flags.

Ranchmart 002 Ranchmart 003 Ranchmart 004 Ranchmart 005 Ranchmart 006

Plaza Wall Fountain

Plaza Wall Fountain 001

Location:  Country Club Plaza, 421 W 47th Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 12, 2016

This wall fountain on the Plaza is located between Nani Nalu and the entrance to the parking garage right there and across the street from Barnes & Noble.  Simple wall fountain with the water coming out of the mouth of what looks like an angel and running into the seashell-shaped basin.  I am assuming it is an angel because it looks like there are wings on either side of the face.

Plaza Wall Fountain 002

Watts Mill Waterfall

Watts Mill 015

Location:  Indian Creek at W 103rd Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 15, 2016

Next to Marco Polo’s Italian Market and along the Indian Creek Bike Trail that passes by here is the Watts Mill Historical Site.  There are a couple of plaques, although one is basically faded to the point of illegibility.  There is also a “sign” erected over a couple of old millstones with plaques on either side with information about the site and the millstones.  I did not take a picture of the millstones because they have been vandalized with spray paint.

There is a small park on the site and there is an overlook from where you can see the waterfall.  If you walk south along the bike path there are some breaks to where you can get down on the rocks right on the creek and right on top of the waterfall.  I walked up the creek a little ways and found a small flock of geese sunning themselves on a rock.  I also walked down the path towards the bridge on 103rd Street and took a couple of long shots from there.

Watts Mill 000a Watts Mill 000b Watts Mill 000c Watts Mill 001 Watts Mill 002 Watts Mill 003 Watts Mill 004 Watts Mill 005 Watts Mill 006 Watts Mill 007 Watts Mill 008 Watts Mill 009 Watts Mill 010 Watts Mill 011 Watts Mill 012 Watts Mill 013 Watts Mill 014

Rockhurst Fountain

Rockhurst 002

Location:  Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 14, 2016

When you enter Rockhurst University by the 54th Street entrance, you will immediately see the bell tower ahead of you (although it is kind of behind a new building that was completed last year now).  Next to the bell tower is a big pergola.  Underneath the pergola is outdoor seating for students to relax and across from the pergola is the fountain.  The fountain was dedicated in 2000 in honor of Mr. and Mrs. McRae Geschwind.

The fountain resembles a play fountain in that the fountains are in the ground and one could walk through or stand under the fountains.  The fountains shoot up to different heights and the ones in the back corners are double fountains.  There is no sign forbidding entry into the fountain so if one doesn’t mind getting wet, I assume one could walk into it.  However, there is a sign asking people not to drink the water, so there’s got to be a story behind that somewhere.

This is an updated post.  I just never really liked the pictures I had before and finally made it back out to get new pictures.  I also took pictures of the dedicatory plaque, which I apparently missed the first time, and the inscription on the side of the bell tower.  The “Please do not drink the water” sign was not there on my last trip and I could not resist snapping it.

Rockhurst 000a Rockhurst 000b Rockhurst 000c Rockhurst 001 Rockhurst 003 Rockhurst 004 Rockhurst 005 Rockhurst 006 Rockhurst 007 Rockhurst 008 Rockhurst 009