Forest View Fountain and Waterfall

Forest View 012

Location:  West 119th Street and South Clare Road, Olathe, KS

Found:  July 3, 2015

As you turn south onto Clare Road off of 119th Street, you first see the fountain and then the waterfall for the Forest View subdivision in Olathe.

The fountain is a kind of mini-waterfall with two pipes, one on either side of the stone Forest View sign, bubbling out water which falls down into the pool below.

The waterfall is impressive.  It is very tall and wide.  It looks like the water starts at the top and goes down the first fall into a pool or flat area which then runs over to the bottom falls.  The waterfall is built into the side of the hill and blends into the natural stone.  There are trees, shrubs and flowers planted all around and all is maintained very nicely.

Forest View 010 Forest View 011 Forest View 001 Forest View 002 Forest View 003 Forest View 004 Forest View 005 Forest View 006 Forest View 007 Forest View 008 Forest View 012 Forest View 013 Forest View 014 Forest View 015 Forest View 016 Forest View 017


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  1. Where did you park? I couldn’t figure out where to park at.

  2. I went to see this fountain today and there was no water coming down. Is it under construction?

  3. C.M. Milstead

    I will be relocating to an area of KS for work. I was out driving around and I see falls on a daily basis living in CO. My CO home is up past Winter Park near Grand Lake and this fall at Forest View caught my eye to the point I had to pause and really take a few minutes to enjoy it. I absolutely love it and can’t stop talking/sharing about it with others. Whomever did the work to incorporate the natural features around it did an amazing job. That took talent and a really good eye for drawing in nature with natural features. You really captured nature in your work, clearly love your job. Maybe a sitting area with natural boulders would be an addition for future consideration if space allows for viewers to enjoy and photograph it. I am surprised I didn’t hear horns, I had to have caused a traffic stop when I noticed it, and it wasn’t from elk or moose walking across the road, it was your water feature. Stunning and lovely work. When I get to missing CO, I will know where to go.

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