Three Graces Fountain

Three Graces 005

Location:  Mannheim Hall, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, MO

Found:  June 28, 2015

In the quad in front of Mannheim Hall on the Volker campus of UMKC is this fountain that features an arrangement of rocks and boulders over a pool with a water jet in the middle.

This is not the original configuration of the fountain.  Originally, it was an open pool with three small sculptures representing the Three Graces and was placed in 1940.  Over the years, the small nude sculptures were repeatedly the subjects of student pranks.  The fountain was disassembled and sculptures were placed in storage in 1973.  To the chagrin of many over the years, the sculptures have gone missing.  (Source story – UMKC)

The current fountain is in the location of the original fountain.  I have been unable to determine if the current fountain has a name of its own and so I use the original name.

Three Graces 001 Three Graces 002 Three Graces 003 Three Graces 004 Three Graces 006 Three Graces 007 Three Graces 008 Three Graces 009


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