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Frog Fountain

Frog 001

Location:  Zona Rosa, Kansas City, MO

Found:  June 28, 2015

The Frog Fountain is located towards the north end of the Zona Rosa shopping area.  I had been to Zona Rosa a few times prior but this was the first time I had seen it running.  It was undergoing maintenance and repairs last year and so, obviously, is was not in operation.  This was the second or third time I had been out this year and finally it was running.

A fun little fountain.  The main pool has two frogs on lilypads in the center with five frogs on the outer ring of the pool and each frog is shooting water from its mouth in the direction it is facing.  The pool also has its own small jets or bubblers, whichever term you prefer.  The fun part is the two pairs of frogs in the planters under the trees.  Each set of outer frogs will shoot water from their mouths over the walking path and into the center pool.  They shoot the water high enough to where you can walk underneath it, although you’re still going to get a little bit of water on you, especially if its windy.  I was able to catch a couple of pictures of the outer frogs in the act.

Frog 002 Frog 003 Frog 004 Frog 005 Frog 006 Frog 007 Frog 008

Goddess of the Spring

Goddess 001

Location:  Mission Drive and West 55th Street, Mission Hills, KS

Found:  June 28, 2015

Across the street from the Mission Hills Country Club and Golf Course on a traffic island at the intersection of Mission Drive and West 55th sits the Goddess of the Spring.  The goddess looks to be carrying items on or in a large seashell while standing on an even larger shell.  The water comes out of that shell and falls into the pool below.  Flowers, shrubs and small trees surround the fountain.  The goddess keeps an eye on the golf course across the street.

I have been told that this fountain is named Goddess of the Spring but I have been unable so far to find anything to verify that so that is the name I am going with.  Should I ever find different, I will change the name.

Goddess 002 Goddess 003 Goddess 004 Goddess 005 Goddess 006 Goddess 007

Mission Hills Fountain

Mission Hills 001

Location:  West 56th Street, High Drive and East Mission Drive, Mission Hills, KS

Found:  June 28, 2015

While looking for the Goddess of the Spring, I took a wrong turn and came across this fountain that I did not know existed until today.  It is in a traffic island at the intersection of the three streets listed above.

The fountain features an angel or cherub holding what looks to be a fish of some sort.  Water is coming out of the fish’s mouth as well as from inside the top ring.  The water falls down to the bottom ring and flows over the side into the basin below.  The shrubbery is very obviously cut into a distinct pattern and I have included a Google Map picture below to show what it looks like from above.

The fountain is located in the Mission Hills subdivision in Mission Hills, Kansas.  Until I am able to find another name for it, I will refer to it as the Mission Hills Fountain.  It is located approximately a block or so east of the Mission Hills Country Club and Golf Course.

Mission Hills 002 Mission Hills 003 Mission Hills 004 Mission Hills 005 Mission Hills 006 Mission Hills 007 Mission Hills 008 Mission Hills 009

VFW Centennial Plaza

VFW 017

Location:  Broadway Boulevard and West 33rd Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  June 28, 2015

Facing Broadway and in front of the parking lot for the VFW building is the VFW Centennial Plaza.

The plaza features the sculpture Citizen Soldier by Jim Brothers.  Behind the sculpture is a wall featuring the emblems for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.  To the right of the sculpture, behind a low wall, are five plaques signifying different aspects of the VFW and the military experience.  At the base of each of the plaques are two bubblers, giving the fountain aspect to the plaza.  The bricks in front of the armed services emblems and the plaques are dedicatory bricks featuring names of people who served their country.

VFW 000 VFW 001 VFW 002 VFW 003 VFW 004 VFW 005 VFW 006 VFW 007 VFW 008 VFW 009 VFW 010 VFW 011 VFW 012 VFW 013 VFW 014 VFW 015 VFW 016

Three Graces Fountain

Three Graces 005

Location:  Mannheim Hall, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, MO

Found:  June 28, 2015

In the quad in front of Mannheim Hall on the Volker campus of UMKC is this fountain that features an arrangement of rocks and boulders over a pool with a water jet in the middle.

This is not the original configuration of the fountain.  Originally, it was an open pool with three small sculptures representing the Three Graces and was placed in 1940.  Over the years, the small nude sculptures were repeatedly the subjects of student pranks.  The fountain was disassembled and sculptures were placed in storage in 1973.  To the chagrin of many over the years, the sculptures have gone missing.  (Source story – UMKC)

The current fountain is in the location of the original fountain.  I have been unable to determine if the current fountain has a name of its own and so I use the original name.

Three Graces 001 Three Graces 002 Three Graces 003 Three Graces 004 Three Graces 006 Three Graces 007 Three Graces 008 Three Graces 009

Waterfall Park – Merriam

Waterfall Park 003

Location:  Waterfall Park, 5191 Merriam Lane, Merriam, KS

Found:  June 28, 2015

OK.  I’m cheating a bit.  This is most definitely not a fountain, but it is a neat and easily accessible waterfall tucked away in Merriam.

Waterfall Park is part of Merriam’s Turkey Creek Streamway Trail.  It is named after it’s most prominent feature.  There are a couple of athletic fields in the park as well as an access point to the trail.  There is an overlook for the waterfall that has a bench you can sit on and watch the waterfall or the trains on the tracks across Turkey Creek or traffic on I-35 beyond the tracks.  There are levels of cut limestone that one can climb/walk down to get closer pictures and closer to the creek itself if the water level is not too high.

This was not the first time I had ever been here but the first time I have visited since I decided to add it to the site.  The entire trail system down to 67th Street is worth at least one walkthrough as it winds through downtown Merriam and features a nice walking trail.  Ducks and geese are often found in the creek.

Waterfall Park 001 Waterfall Park 002