Lake Lenexa

Lake Lenexa 012

Location:  Black Hoof Park, 9053 Monticello Road, Lenexa, KS

Found:  November 29, 2014

Lake Lenexa can be found in Black Hoof Park off of Monticello Road.  Lake Lenexa is probably best known for its dam and spillway.  The dam and spillway are an excellent combination of art and function.  I would try to explain what each part of the spillway signifies but it is easier to point you to the picture of the spillway information plaque.  It points out each element of the spillway and what it signifies.

Not exactly a fountain but it does have a fountain element and also a “waterfall” element.  Plus, it’s just so cool looking that it needs to be brought to everyone’s attention.  I need to go back out there in the spring or summer when all the plants are green and the flowers are blooming.  I’m sure the whole thing looks more impressive with the greenery and flowers.

The slippery path and ice signs are located on the walking paths around the lake and spillway.

Lake Lenexa 000a Lake Lenexa 000b Lake Lenexa 000d Lake Lenexa 000c Lake Lenexa 001 Lake Lenexa 002 Lake Lenexa 003 Lake Lenexa 004 Lake Lenexa 005 Lake Lenexa 006 Lake Lenexa 007 Lake Lenexa 008 Lake Lenexa 009 Lake Lenexa 010 Lake Lenexa 011 Lake Lenexa 013 Lake Lenexa 014 Lake Lenexa 015 Lake Lenexa 016 Lake Lenexa 017 Lake Lenexa 018 Lake Lenexa 019 Lake Lenexa 020 Lake Lenexa 021


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