El Monte Fountain

El Monte 002

Location:  West 69th Street, Oxford Road and El Monte Street, Prairie Village, Kansas

Found:  July 4, 2014

This neighborhood fountain is found on a triangular traffic island at the intersection of West 69th Street, Oxford Road and El Monte Street.  It is located about 2 blocks west of the Prairie Village Gateway Fountain.

El Monte 001 El Monte 003 El Monte 004 El Monte 005




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  1. Jeannette Urton Gonzales

    When I was young we lived in a house on the corner of 69th and Delmar. We played at this park all the time. There used to be a different fountain with a boy cherub. Does anyone know what happened to the original statue/fountain? We always called this place “the Island”. I noted that it is sometimes referred to as Broken Fountain Park. So I assume the original fountain was broken and then replace. There were also several trees on the other side of the island. I believe at least one was a large Crabtree that my sisters and I used to climb and sit in for what seemed like hours. We moved away from Prarie Village in 1973. It would mean a lot to myself and my sisters to find out what happened to the original fountain.
    Jeannette Wood Urton Gonzales

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