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Palazzo 16 Fountain

Palazzo 001

Location:  Palazzo 16 Theatre, 8601 West 135th Street, Overland Park, KS

Found:  July 20, 2014

In front of the Palazzo 16 Theatre is this Italian-style fountain.  While I have never been inside, I have read that the interior of the theatre is influenced by Italian architecture so this fountain is part of the theme.  It may be leaking though, there was a lot of water on the ground around the fountain for a day with little wind.

Palazzo 002 Palazzo 003 Palazzo 004 Palazzo 005

Hills of Ironhorse Waterfall

Ironhorse 001

Location:  Hills of Ironhorse Subdivision, Mission Road and West 153rd Street, Leawood, KS

Found:  July 20, 2014

At the entrance of the Hills of Ironhorse subdivision is this waterfall.  The waterfall is flanked on each side by a horse sculpture.  Judging by the number of lights, it gets lit up pretty well at night.

Ironhorse 002 Ironhorse 003 Ironhorse 004 Ironhorse 005

Carroll Plaza Fountain

Carroll Plaza 001

Location:  Carroll Plaza, West 75th Street and Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS

Found:  July 4, 2014

Carroll Plaza is dedicated to Ralph Carroll, a former superintendant of Public Works in Prairie Village.  It’s a small park with a path, lights, flowers, shrubs and this fountain.

Be forewarned though if you go looking for this fountain, closest place to park is a bit north and across the street on Mission Road and Mission can get a bit busy, especially so close to 75th.

Carroll Plaza 000 Carroll Plaza 002 Carroll Plaza 003 Carroll Plaza 004

Brookwood Fountain

Brookwood 004

Location:  Brookwood Road and State Line Road, Mission Hills, Kansas

Found:  September 8, 2013 (original), July 4, 2014 (update)

This neighborhood fountain is located on an island on Brookwood Road at State Line Road.  Fountain consists of three children standing on a pedestal around a column.  A bowl sits on top of the column and the water bubbles out of the fountain in the bowl and then overflows down to the rectangular basin below.

I originally visited this site on September 8, 2013 but the fountain was not running at that time.   On July 4, 2014, I visited again and found the fountain to be operating.  I took all new pictures and updated this post to reflect the fountain in operation.

Brookwood 001 Brookwood 002 Brookwood 003 Brookwood 005 Brookwood 006 Brookwood 007 Brookwood 008

Joe D. Dennis Park Fountain

Dennis 002

Location:  Joe D. Dennis Park, West 50th Street and Rainbow Boulevard, Westwood, Kansas

Found:  July 4, 2014

This shady park that sits on the southwest corner of 50th and Rainbow is named after a former mayor of Westwood, Kansas.  The fountain is in the northeast part of the park and is surrounded by a path and benches.

Dennis 000a Dennis 000b Dennis 001 Dennis 003 Dennis 004 Dennis 005 Dennis 006 Dennis 007 Dennis 008 Dennis 009

El Monte Fountain

El Monte 002

Location:  West 69th Street, Oxford Road and El Monte Street, Prairie Village, Kansas

Found:  July 4, 2014

This neighborhood fountain is found on a triangular traffic island at the intersection of West 69th Street, Oxford Road and El Monte Street.  It is located about 2 blocks west of the Prairie Village Gateway Fountain.

El Monte 001 El Monte 003 El Monte 004 El Monte 005



Mary A. Fraser Memorial Fountain

Fraser 001

Location:  Kansas City Zoo, Swope Park, Kansas City, Missouri

Found:  July 4, 2014

Located in the Kansas City Zoo on the Beaks and Feet path, not too far from the flamingos near the beginning of the African section of the zoo is this working drinking fountain.  It was originally located near the sea lion pool but was conserved, replumbed and relocated to its current location in 2000.

It was donated by Edith A. Norton in memory of her mother, Mary A. Fraser.  There is a plaque on both ends stating the gift and the memorial.  It is an art deco style structure with a sculpture of a young woman in the middle.  There is a working drinking fountain on each side of the sculpture.  There are two small fountains at the beginning of the path to the fountain.

The zoo does charge admission.  Check the zoo’s website for further information should you decide to go looking for this fountain.

Fraser 000 Fraser 002 Fraser 003 Fraser 004 Fraser 005 Fraser 006 Fraser 007

Waldo Fountain

Waldo 005

Location:  Waldo, West 75th Street and Wornall Road, Kansas City, Missouri

Found:  July 4, 2014

In the historic Waldo neighborhood in Kansas City, this fountain sits at the intersection of West 75th and Wornall Road.  This little park area is a gathering point along a walking/biking trail.  The Waldo monument was installed in 1997.  Money was raised for the construction and maintenance of the fountain and it was constructed in 2007.  The plaque on site tells of the history of the site.

The fountain consists of the front part which runs constantly.  Along the back, near the low wall, are fountains that shoot water straight up in the air to varying heights on a cycle.

Waldo 000 Waldo 001 Waldo 002 Waldo 003 Waldo 004 Waldo 006 Waldo 007

Westwood (MO) Fountain

Westwood MO 001

Location:  West 50th Street and Westwood Road, Kansas City, MO

Date Found:  July 4, 2014

In the Westwood area of Kansas City, Missouri, west of Country Club Plaza, and just off Ward Parkway is this fountain sitting in a triangular traffic island at the intersection of West 50th Street and Westwood Road.  The sign says Westwood Park, but the actual Westwood Park is about 3 blocks northwest of here.  Not to be confused with fountains in the cities of Westwood or Westwood Hills in Kansas, which are also in the Kansas City Metro area.

I took these pictures on July 4th and you can see that the fountain area was decorated appropriately.

Westwood MO 002 Westwood MO 003 Westwood MO 004 Westwood MO 005 Westwood MO 006 Westwood MO 007 Westwood MO 008