Marlborough Plaza Fountain

Marlborough 001

Location:  East 79th Street and The Paseo, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 14, 2013

At one time this fountain was located at Country Club Plaza at the location now occupied by the Seville Light Fountain and it used to have a sculpture on it called “Boy with Fish.”  It was moved to its current location in 1968.  In 2012, the local neighborhood association renovated the fountain and site and renamed the fountain to the Marlborough Plaza Fountain.  The whereabouts of the sculpture that was with this fountain have been lost to time.

It is located at the South end of the median where The Paseo becomes a single two-way street at East 79th Street.

Marlborough 002 Marlborough 003


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  1. Hi —
    Was looking through a book I found at a thrift store, “Fountains of Kansas City,” and found out about the Boy with Fish and how the basins were moved to this location. On my way home from work today I noticed the sculpture as well as the detailed pedestal from that original fountain are now displayed at the top of the Meyer Circle fountain! The basins must be different. The book is from 1985 so many things have changed since then but it is a greatly detailed account of every single fountain in the city as of that time.

    • From everything I have read, the Meyer Circle Fountain was put into its current configuration in the early 60s. The Marlborough Fountain wasn’t relocated to its current location until 1968. Coincidentally, one of my fellow volunteers tried to track down the original sculpture fairly recently. She, like me, thought the sculpture in the median at the Plaza was the one that went with this fountain, but it turned out that wasn’t the case as it was a different design than the fountain’s old sculpture. (“Boy with fish” was apparently a popular type of sculpture as there are many examples throughout the city.) The whereabouts of the original scultpure have been lost to time as no one we have come across with the Plaza or the city has been able to find out to where it disappeared. I will edit the blog post above to reflect this information.

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