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Thousand Oaks Waterfall

Thousand Oaks 001

Location:  Thousand Oaks Addition, NW Brink Myer Road and N Nevada Avenue, Parkville

Found:  August 31, 2013

At the entrance to the Thousand Oaks addition in Parkville sits this large and elaborate waterfall fountain surrounded by landscaping and three stone benches.  In the middle of the pool there is a sculpture of four children and a dog walking across a log.  There are numerous waterfalls at different levels.  I would estimate it is 12 to 15 feet tall in the middle of the structure.

Thousand Oaks 004 Thousand Oaks 003 Thousand Oaks 002

Shoal Creek Parkway Garden Fountain

Shoal Creek Garden 001

Location:  Shoal Creek Parkway and NE 87th Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  August 31, 2013

In the median of Shoal Creek Parkway, just north of NE 87th Street, is this fountain.  It is set inside a large stone block rectangle with some flowers planted next to the pool.  That might be the garden part.  About 2 blocks south of the Shoal Creek Golf Course Entry Fountain.

Shoal Creek Garden 002 Shoal Creek Garden 003

Shoal Creek Golf Course Entry Fountain

Shoal Creek Golf 001

Location:  Shoal Creek Golf Course, 8905 Shoal Creek Parkway, Kansas City, MO

Found:  August 31, 2013

This fountain consists of two small waterfalls that run into a pool in the middle of a landscaped area.  This area is in the median of Shoal Creek Parkway at the entrance to the Shoal Creek Parkway.  It is roughly two blocks north of the Shoal Creek Parkway Garden Fountain.

Shoal Creek Golf 002 Shoal Creek Golf 003

Park University Waterfall

Park U 001

Location:  Park University, 8700 NW River Park Drive, Parkville

Found:  August 31, 2013

On the east side of the entrance to Park University sits this waterfall fountain.  Two separate falls run down to a pool.  Just down the road and across the street from the Parkville Spirit Fountain.

Park U 002 Park U 003

Liberty Courtyard Fountain

Liberty Courtyard 002

Location:  Liberty City Hall, 101 East Kansas St., Liberty

Found:  August 31, 2013

This fountain is found in the courtyard next to Liberty City Hall and North of the Clay County Courthouse Annex building in downtown Liberty.  One large jet surrounded by smaller jets create the fountain and the water runs over and falls into the pool below.  There is a path leading from the fountain down to the south towards the courthouse building that is lined with trees and features benches.

Liberty Courtyard 000 Liberty Courtyard 001 Liberty Courtyard 003 Liberty Courtyard 004

Pointe Royal Fountains

Pointe Royal 001

Location:  Pointe Royal Town Homes, West 123rd Street and Antioch, Overland Park

Found:  August 25, 2013

Formerly the location of a unique fountain that consisted of three large blue pyramids.  However, I was told they were removed about six years or so ago for reasons unknown to the person I communicated with.  In their place are these water spouts in a pond.  The pond is kind of odd in that the surface is at about the same elevation as Antioch Road but it is much higher than West 123rd.  You can barely see the tops of fountain sprays from West 123rd as you move East from Antioch.

Pointe Royal 002 Pointe Royal 003

Three Lakes Apartments Fountain

Three Lakes 001

Location:  Three Lakes Apartments, 12100 Willow Lane, Overland Park

Found:  August 25, 2013

A fountain in one of the lakes in the Three Lakes Apartment complex.  Really a lake in name only, Three Ponds Apartments just doesn’t have a good ring to it.  Anyway, this is the lake nearest Willow Lane and can be easily seen as you drive by.

Three Lakes 002

Meadows Fountain

Meadows 001

Location:  The Meadows Apartments, 7620 Halsey, Shawnee

Found:  August 25, 2013

This fountain is in a traffic circle in front of The Meadows Apartments complex.  The complex is on the West side of Quivira Road north of the intersection with West 77th Street.

Meadows 002 Meadows 003

Jefferson Pointe Fountain

Jefferson Pointe 001

Location:  Jefferson Pointe Apartments, 11810 Farley, Overland Park

Found:  August 25, 2013

At the corner of Farley and West 119th Street is the entrance to the Jefferson Pointe Luxury Apartments complex.  This fountain sits on the northwest corner of the intersection.  There is a fountain on top and a few waterfalls that let the water flow to the bottom basin.  The day the picture was taken the water was dyed blue for some cause I am not aware of right now.

Jefferson Pointe 002 Jefferson Pointe 003

On October 6, 2013, the water was dyed pink for breast cancer awareness.

Jefferson Pointe 004 Jefferson Pointe 005 Jefferson Pointe 006 Jefferson Pointe 007 Jefferson Pointe 008

Clock Tower Plaza Fountain

Clock Tower Plaza 001

Location:  Downtown Overland Park, 7951 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park

Found:  August 25, 2013

In downtown Overland Park, underneath the clock tower, sits this small secluded plaza with trees and benches.  One group of trees and benches are situated around this small fountain.  Makes for a good spot to stop for a rest between Santa Fe Drive to the West and the Farmers’ Market pavillion to the East or just a good spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown shopping area for a few minutes.

Clock Tower Plaza 002 Clock Tower Plaza 003