Fountains are ON!

April 8, 2014 was Fountain Day in Kansas City, Missouri.  There was a special ceremony at the Eagle Scout Fountain to commemorate the day and that fountain was officially the first one turned on.  The rest of the fountains maintained by the City of Kansas City, Missouri were turned on that day as well.   All of the other ones in the metro area will be turned on soon, probably when the weather improves and stays warm I imagine.  So, be on the look out for new posts!  (I made 4 today!)  I will be getting out and about when I am able on the weekends.  I may even get out and about some evenings and try and get some night shots.

Thanks for your continued viewing and support.

Rose’s Pond Fountain

Rose's Pond 002


Location:  Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park, West 87th Street, Lenexa

Found:  April 12, 2014

Rose’s Pond is found in Sar-Ko-Trails Park and out in the pond is this small fountain.  There is a sidewalk with benches encircling the pond so one can walk around the pond and sit and take a break.  Towards the south end is an island that can be walked out to with the sculpture called “The Serpent,” which is very popular.   Signs around the pond state the requirement for a fishing license so I have to assume that people can fish here.  The Legler Barn Museum, location of the Wash Day Fountain, is to the west.

Rose's Pond 001 Rose's Pond 005 Rose's Pond 004 Rose's Pond 003

Intercity Horse Trough Fountain

Intercity 001


Location:  Wyandotte County Museum, 631 North 126th Street, Bonner Springs

Found:  April 10, 2014

This fountain is one of the oldest fountains still existing, having been first placed in 1905.  It has been moved a couple of times, starting at the Kansas end of what is now known as the Lewis & Clark Viaduct.  It was later moved to the tennis courts at 18th and Parallel in Kansas City, Kansas.  The Wyandotte County Historical Society eventually purchased it, had it fully restored and placed at its current home at the Wyandotte County Museum in Wyandotte County Park.  However, it is no longer a functional fountain.

Intercity 003 Intercity 005 Intercity 004 Intercity 007 Intercity 002 Intercity 006

Westside Fountain

Westside 003


Location:  Southwest Boulevard and Summit Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 12, 2014

Located at the intersection of Southwest Boulevard and Summit Street in the Westside South area of Kansas City.  The fountain was built through the efforts of the Hispanic community of Kansas City.  Notable for the bright coloured tile patterns around the top basin.

Westside 001 Westside 002 Westside 004 Westside 005

Wash Day

Wash Day 001


Location:  Legler Barn Museum, 14907 W 87th St Pkwy, Lenexa

Found:  April 12, 2014

This small fountain is found outside on the west side of the Legler Barn Museum in Lenexa and is named after the sculpture.  The sculpture is of a woman washing clothing in a stream.  The water runs from the clothing she is holding and down into the basin.  The Legler Barn is on the West side of Lenexa’s Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park.  Rose’s Pond is to the east.

Wash Day 000 Wash Day 002 Wash Day 003

Vince & Associates Waterfall – Frozen

Vince Frozen 002

Location:  Vince & Associates Clinical Research, 10103 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park

Found:  February 2, 2014

On the north side of the Vince & Associates building sits this waterfall fountain which runs year round.  That means in the winter months it freezes over, although the top was ice-free and water was running freely over the top.  Vince & Associates is also well-known for their Christmas displays which are located in front of the waterfall.

Vince Frozen 001 Vince Frozen 003 Vince Frozen 004 Vince Frozen 005

Northland Fountain – Frozen


Location:  Anita B. Gorman Park, North Oak Trafficway and NE Vivion Road, Kansas City

Found:  February 2, 2014

Is that some distant snow-capped mountain range?  Is that a large snow mound piled up in a corner of some parking lot (although it does look a lot like that as you’re driving up to it)?  Nope.  That is the Northland Fountain in freezing temperatures.  The ice is covered with the remnants of the most recent snowfall in the area.  The center mound of ice I estimate at close to 10 feet tall.  The southern half of the ice is probably as tall as 6-7 feet with the north side half that at most.

The fountain is running underneath all of that ice.  You can hear it and you can see “tubes” of running water from the outer ring of fountain jets underneath the ice.  There is even water bubbling up through the top of the center ice mound.  To prove that water is running, I took a picture of the one fountain jet that wasn’t covered over by ice.

There was a man and his son checking out the fountain while I was there.  The son was desperately trying to convince his dad to allow him to climb out into the center of the fountain.  Dad didn’t seem to be going for it.  I wouldn’t try it, that’s for sure.

For comparison’s sake, check out the Northland Fountain in the summer.


Legends Fountain – Christmas

Legends Winter 002

Location:  Legends Outlets, Village West Parkway, Kansas City, Kansas

Found:  December 30, 2013

In front of the movie theatre in the Legends shopping area is this fountain that runs year-round.  Around Christmas time, the top part the fountain is turned off and a Christmas tree is placed on top of the fountain.  The lower half continues to run though.  Water flows from the edge of the top ring down to the bottom ring.  There are also jumping fountains around the bottom ring that I had seen running earlier in the winter but they weren’t jumping when I took the pictures.

It’s kind of hard to see in the pictures, but there is steam coming off the fountain as the warmer, moving water met what was a 20-degree morning when I took the pictures.

I had been meaning to get some pictures earlier this month and I work nearby and it is close to the route I take to get to the office.  Today, I finally remembered to bring my camera with me to work and I stopped by on my way to the office.

When the top fountain gets turned back on, I will get some pictures of that.

Legends Winter 001 Legends Winter 003 Legends Winter 004 Legends Winter 005 Legends Winter 006 Legends Winter 007

Winter is here…for the fountains anyway.

Well, for the fountains, winter has arrived even if the high temperatures (it got into the 60s today!) linger.  Fountains have been shut down all over the city.  That means that posts and pictures will have to wait until springtime now.  I did go to Nelson-Atkins over Thanksgiving weekend on Friday evening and took some night pictures of One Sun/34 Moons, even though the pool had been drained, and came to admire and hate the “night scene” function on my camera.

Once winter is here to stay, and the weather isn’t too bad when I have the opportunity, I may go out to the fountains that stay on during the winter and see what goes on with them.  If there is something worth taking a picture of, I definitely will.

Winter is Coming

OK, I admit, I borrowed the title of this post from Game of Thrones.  However, it is accurate and very pertinent to this blog.  With the weather getting colder, fountains are being turned off.  I read somewhere that there are only three fountains that remain on all winter.  One of them is the Northland Fountain.  Another is the Lenexa City Hall Fountain.  I do not know what the third one is.  I have already come across a few that are already off and I’m sure as the temperatures get down near and below freezing on more consistent basis, more will be turned off.

Also, I have a family situation that has been taking up at least my Saturdays and cutting down my available time to hunt lately and it will continue to do so.  The recent change back to standard time makes hunting after work not very realistic and traffic is a big deterrent at that time anyway.

I will try to hunt when I can.  I have a friend who wants to go out hunting with me sometime, so that may be a good excuse to get out even at this time of year.  In the meantime, I am helping out the Foundation with locating and cataloging sculptures around the Metro area when I can.

I also am going to see if I can maybe streamline this blog a little bit.  Maybe figure out how to condense the hundred-plus links down the right side and see if I can incorporate some maps into the posts as well.  Maybe I will create posts about the sculptures I come across and take pictures of.  We’ll see how industrious I get.

Thanks for reading and the support.




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